Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Momento Mori: The Watchtower

Checked my fave Retna's blog, new piece him and Mac did. They're busting out amazing-ness right and left.!

"From Mac: “This is a mural Retna and I just painted in Los Angeles called Memento Mori. This is a Latin phrase meaning ‘be mindful of death’ and can be translated as ‘remember that you are mortal’ or ‘remember that you must die. That could seem a little grim, but the point is really to encourage us to properly value and make the most of our time here.”
Mac continues, “I painted the figure and Retna did all the rest. Retna’s lettering in the background is from a pre-Hispanic Nahuatl/Azteca poem:

Must I go like the flowers that perish?
Will nothing remain of my name?
Nothing of my fame here on Earth?
At least my flowers, at least my songs.
Earth is the region of the fleeting moment…"

Ret's blog

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