Monday, April 20, 2009

in a rut

"It's not like it's something that you're not capable're probably just too hood." -Ernie

Lol,, that's my boy Ernie's way of giving me encouragement. It worked a little bit, but more importantly, it gave me a laugh.

I'm in a bit of a rut, end of the semester coming up here, and I got my j. advisor ( j standing for journalism) telling me my writing isn't growing. I did a double take when she said that shit, "I'm sorry, what was that?" I feel that my writing grows everytime I do it, I learn to become more succint, organize better, it's all a process.
However, she may be referring to my growth with writing news articles on boring ass shit like budget changes or triple bond ratings. I know you gotta pay your dues, and I've been trying, honest, but I mean damn, how does one get inspired with those types of things?

Somebody, please give me some advice here, realtalk. I gotta work through this.


  1. I wouldn't blame you, it's near impossible to find instant inspiration on what your advisor is telling you to write about, but I guess with every obstacle comes steps in which you can work your way around it, try a different way of researching I guess. however it still puzzles me that with your amount of talent, why you're writing about budget changes and all that lol

  2. whenever i feel like that i try and find something new to inspire me. like a new adventure. i'm a gemini so my mind is always racing to do and explore new things.

    try writing about something different or embarking on a new adventure. maybe that will make u excited about writing what someone says you have to write by knowing theres something more exciting out there

    if that didn't make sense don't blame me. its national weed day for christs sake. o and check ur facebook i sent u a uber important message!

    feel better my love!

  3. Ahhh growth in writing. Well, how I received awards. I wrote from my heart on things I know. I wrote about Dominick, I wrote about things students can relate to. My Adviser never once held me back. Then I proved myself and became EIC. And you know thats big. Everyone doubted me. But with 2 years of writing for the paper, I did EIC for A year and a half! Thats how good I was at EIC. In fact my staff won awards. You need to write from the heart or put your heart into the story just a tad bit. I was Opinions, that's my specialty. News, I just made sure my heart was up for it. And features were just hella fun. HEART MI AMOR....HEART!

  4. you def have the talent to be a dope writer. find an aspect of the topic [i.e budget cuts] that interests you or your target audience [i.e. how it applies to a consumer, or a corporation (like a fashion one)] i don't know. good luck mama. i believe in you.