Wednesday, April 8, 2009

do you know what determinism is? Yea, you

Here's some food for your thoughts...follow me both of the definitions below

1)De*ter"min*ism\, n. (Metaph.) The doctrine that the will is not free, but is inevitably and invincibly determined by motives.

2) will:
1. the faculty of conscious and especially of deliberate action; the power of control the mind has over its own actions: the freedom of the will.

Heard what this word a few weeks ago, at first it seemed pretty self explanatory when I heard it, but I had to look up the exact definition to understand what it truly meant.

I believe in determinism, to an extent. It's still a new concept to me. I'm trying to understand this without taking a philosophy class. Your actions as a person, the thoughts you have, determine what you do. They determine your will, because you're the only one that can determine how you want to go forth. You yourself have the power to set off your own chain of events.

On the same note though, I'm not going to say that there aren't extenuating circumstances where the determinism in a situation is decided by another's motives. You will is still existing, but weakened due to another's presence as a determining factor. It's what makes us human. We can't always be in control. You might be on a good path, and maybe another's will that throws you a curveball.

I've been in a coupla situations where the outcome was determined by another's will and mine got lost in translation. And that shit can bring a person down to their knees. Really can. Throws off your concentration, your will to go forth, your appetite, it just fckks it all up.

LUCKILY, the other side of the coin with this determinism shit is that I believe your will may not always be free, but your will is always there for you to decide what to do with after initial occurences. These laws of nature are not always 100% applicable. There are always going to be things that cannot be explained, humans, we're a very irrational kind.

You all agree? Or what's your stance on this. Or maybe I'm just straight up wrong, and need to take a philosophy class.

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