Wednesday, April 15, 2009

delish of the dia

This man, old enough to be my father. But he's the classic formula of a DILF...hahaha....
The rockstar formula, the hair, the eyes, the eyebrows( I like good eyebrows on a guy for some reason), the artistic skills, the LIPS, the body, and that crazy style...he made some questionable choices....but who cares. Certainly not me.
His ass is hella funky, but that's the whole part of his appeal. He does dreads, shaved hair, WHEWWW. Oh my,, before I get all excited, just check out the pictures,, LOL

Lenny Kravitz, muthafknnn FLY.


  1. i freakin love his swag. i swear, dreads and mini afros are my kryptonite. good lookin' out on this hottie.