Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amanda Lopez

If you haven't heard of Amanda you have. She's been steadily on the come up for a few now, and I love her work. Maybe a little reminiscent of a female Gregory Bojorquez?

sheckkk Her.
P.s. Dashawn I hope you read this.! LOL :)

Chirosciro preview paintings

Some collabs of AmandaLynn and Reyes of the Seventh Letter...
thanks to the good people at Known Gallery


Just posted an interview with dope female collective the Fresh Fiends over onKweenz Destroy. They had some real ass words to say, and it was a pleasure to sit down and chop it up with them for a while. Sheckkkkkk it.! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Phone photos...
Some blackbook throwie love via de Broxer

And a Blood in my backseat.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm flattered

haha ahhyiyi.! I was browsing updates because I haven't been on too much over the weekend...but I saw an update for someone I've come to consider a friend, but the miss talented Leilani aka Sistargirl she did a piece of art inspired off a photo of mine...and it's fckkin ILL.

You're HELLA talented my friend,, that's all there is to it. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

When Skaters Grow Up

New York Times just did a great feature article that was seriously a damn pleasure to read. When Skaters Grow Up featured couple Clare Bigbie and Jay Shapiro, a pair of skaters who met skating (obviously) and still maintain the lifestyle, along with grown jobs.

Now to some, maybe that doesn't sound appealing, but Bigbie works as an interior designer and 'aesthetic omnivore' and Shapiro, a bass player for a metal band (aka hesh kid? lol) along with odd jobs.

The article features the couple's love for pool skating and together how they designed and re-made their home in SanFran the ultimate dream, with an empty pool in the backyard for a good sesh.

" For his part, Mr. Shapiro was happy to meet a female skateboarder “who wasn’t a weirdo,” as he put it. “Claire was really cool. We would skateboard together, have a few beers. After that we were attached at the hip.”

(This quote made me laugh. He's basically referring to the skate rat groupies, and Clare was the real deal., no groupie there.)


How cute is this, a lil felt taco.! LOL. Looking at this made me hungry...clever.

art piece found on SprayGraphic

It's Thursday...

And I'm thirsty for some 10 Deep &&this wonderfully bright ass Hellz Bellz bag. I'm a sucker for big purses...&&I'm on the hunt for some dope suspenders...any reccomendations where I can find some good ones?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keegan Gibbs

Keegan Gibbs

Why The Fck Do You Have A Kid

Why the F*** Do You Have A Kid I'm so stoked someone has a site for this,, haha,, sad but funny.!

Need I say more though? Look at these few winners below....

Monday, April 20, 2009

2 O'Clock, 3 O'Clock Mondays

At 2 o'clock every Monday, a little white car steadily makes it's way to a pair of brown buildings on the eastside of town. A valuable hour is spent, and on the way out of the appointment, like clockwork, two girls pass each other.
The second girl has the 3 o'clock slot. No doubt both girls wonder what the other is doing there. They have a good idea, considering the particular organization they have been meeting with has a very specific purpose. It comes down to more than that though, comes down to a question of "How much did she have to suffer like I suffered?"

The look they give each other when they pass by one another illustrates the question.

MYTH: A person who has been assaulted will be hysterical
REALITY: Survivors exhibit a spectrum of emotional responses to the assault-calm, hysteria, laughter, guilt, apathy, shock. Each survivor copes with the trauma of an assault in a different way.
yo soy la Adelita.

Mi Villa always called me adelita and i never knew why, but now I do. Follow up post to explain.!

News, mujer past the frontera

Discovered a Kween south of the border. News is a part of a hip hop collective of all women called Mujeres Trabajando. Coming out of the Distrito Federal, Mexico, the Mujeres cover all corners in their collective with hip hop mamas, a graff Kween, poetess, arts/visuals, and of course, b-girls.
News, she's got a different flava. I like it, it's spunky.

in a rut

"It's not like it's something that you're not capable're probably just too hood." -Ernie

Lol,, that's my boy Ernie's way of giving me encouragement. It worked a little bit, but more importantly, it gave me a laugh.

I'm in a bit of a rut, end of the semester coming up here, and I got my j. advisor ( j standing for journalism) telling me my writing isn't growing. I did a double take when she said that shit, "I'm sorry, what was that?" I feel that my writing grows everytime I do it, I learn to become more succint, organize better, it's all a process.
However, she may be referring to my growth with writing news articles on boring ass shit like budget changes or triple bond ratings. I know you gotta pay your dues, and I've been trying, honest, but I mean damn, how does one get inspired with those types of things?

Somebody, please give me some advice here, realtalk. I gotta work through this.

Friday, April 17, 2009

do you know what determinism is? Yea, you

Here's some food for your thoughts...follow me both of the definitions below

1)De*ter"min*ism\, n. (Metaph.) The doctrine that the will is not free, but is inevitably and invincibly determined by motives.

2) will:
1. the faculty of conscious and especially of deliberate action; the power of control the mind has over its own actions: the freedom of the will.

Heard what this word a few weeks ago, at first it seemed pretty self explanatory when I heard it, but I had to look up the exact definition to understand what it truly meant.

I believe in determinism, to an extent. It's still a new concept to me. I'm trying to understand this without taking a philosophy class. Your actions as a person, the thoughts you have, determine what you do. They determine your will, because you're the only one that can determine how you want to go forth. You yourself have the power to set off your own chain of events.

On the same note though, I'm not going to say that there aren't extenuating circumstances where the determinism in a situation is decided by another's motives. You will is still existing, but weakened due to another's presence as a determining factor. It's what makes us human. We can't always be in control. You might be on a good path, and maybe another's will that throws you a curveball.

I've been in a coupla situations where the outcome was determined by another's will and mine got lost in translation. And that shit can bring a person down to their knees. Really can. Throws off your concentration, your will to go forth, your appetite, it just fckks it all up.

LUCKILY, the other side of the coin with this determinism shit is that I believe your will may not always be free, but your will is always there for you to decide what to do with after initial occurences. These laws of nature are not always 100% applicable. There are always going to be things that cannot be explained, humans, we're a very irrational kind.

You all agree? Or what's your stance on this. Or maybe I'm just straight up wrong, and need to take a philosophy class.

Klor 123K


Oh yeezy.

The flyest of the fly. Diggin this.
P.s. Not digging that odd tanline by Amber's ass, but it's cool mama, I got you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet the Boyfriends

Supermodels with their boyfriends...
photographed for the May 2009 Vogue issue.

My lord. Chanel Iman is dating Tyga? I love it. The pure aesthetic pleasure from looking at these couples almost makes me sick. ;]]

See more here

Might like you better...if we slept together? haha.

New Amanda Blank single---
Yay or nay? I'm feeling it, it's the female version of all those wackAzz rappers anthems about hittin it and quittin it. Females can do it too.


Love note to Saul

Saul. Ohh Saul, how I love thee. Your antics and crusade for a best friend forever won me over quickly. Your constant concern for your Bubbe is quite endearing and shows your sensitive side. Plus, I share your attitude of fuck tha police. You're insightful, yet braindead, all in one, and quite frankly, I'd like to be YOUR best friend forever,get my mackk on with you, and smoke countless J's of exotic kush (although I'm not much of a smoker, I would for you). Lets get it poppin.
-rioTapatio <3
Pineapple express, it's an all time favorite of mine, it always makes me laugh. Check out the clips.
"The car just committed suicide."