Sunday, March 1, 2009

things are getting worse in Juarez

Reading this recent article on the New York Times online made me cringe.
With Force, Mexican Drug Cartels Get Their Way

The mayor of Juarez, Jose Reyes Ferriz is the one who is supposed to decide when to hire and fire the police chief. Apparently not, according to the above article. Those drug cartels down there are running shit harder than ever.

The drug traffickers decided that Chief Roberto Orduna Cruz needed to go, ASAP. And to make it clear that they meant business, they promised to kill a police officer every 48 hours until he did resign.

They began by killing Orduna's deputy officer Operations Direction Sacremento Perez Serrano, then came 3 of his men. Then came an additional police officer and prison guard. As the body count began to stack, Chief Orduna finally resigned on Feb. 20.

**Chief Orduna to the left in the photo, being escorted by a police officer after resigning on Feb. 20. Photo: Associated Press**

"Nothing is surprising in Chihuahua anymore. Gunmen recently shot at one of three cars in Gov. José Reyes Baeza’s motorcade, killing a bodyguard and wounding two agents. The drug cartels routinely collect taxes from business owners, shooting those who refuse to pay up. As for the Juárez mayor, who has made cleaning up the notoriously corrupt police department his focal point, the cartel recently threatened to decapitate him and his family unless he backed off." -article With Force

Man this bothers me. Big time. We are so lucky here in the United States, don't even get me started. Juarez as a whole is in prayers, no lie. I applaud those who stand and struggle as an authority down there against the cartels.