Monday, March 16, 2009

statements and la policia

Okayy done with my weekend hiatus,
lol. It was real cool, spent some quality time
with Nannon, G, the Tias, y Hennessey out in Queen Creek,
which is basically a community that fans out from the East Side of Phoenix.
Its an hour out to that area, then an additional 30-40 minutes taking the road out to that area.

Tell me why though, when London and I are cruising home on the long stretch of road before the freeway, it's about 9:45 at night, listening to some Hova, that I see fuknn police lights flashing in my review mirror! First thing out my mouth was shittttt. LOL.
Apparently, My definition of cruising seems to fall underneath the category of SPEEDING. It was a 45 mph zone, and I was doin a cool 62 mph. I give the lovely officer of Pinal County my papers and ID and he asks why I was speeding. I switch into apologetic mode and immediately start improvising some story, lol. He walks away to his car, and I start mumbling prayers underneath my breath. London swore up and down that I was about to get a ticket, but I thought I might just manage to convince him to give me a warning.
And then he WARNED me. WHEW. I just wiped a speeding ticket off my record back in Dec., so I really didn't need that. On the rest of the way home I did the speed limit and decided not to test fate's mercy. Lol.

Me and a certain somebody were cruising (and I mean that literally, his definition of cruising is not my 62 mph definition, lol) downtown real quick, and even though it was nighttime, we caught a full look of this mural shown above. Whatttt??? I was wondering bout this mural all weekend after we saw it, and sure enough, when I go to El Mac's blog, come to find out he did this wonderful piece!

Seems he did it from a photo he took at a recent immigration rights march. His response to the increasing racisim these days. [And it's true, the deputy officer Joe Arpaio in PHX has it out for anybody with brown skin these days...]

Love Mac's work, it always makes a statement.


  1. I love your blog babes. You have a facebook? look me up

  2. The MAC is amazing.
    I got to meet him when we did a show out in Cali.
    His work is unbelievable.

    Good looks to see more people up on his work.
    I actually was JUST thinking about putting some of his work on my blog.