Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Simple Females

Simple females, we all know 'em.

They're those females that don't take a second look at things. They're those ones that are a lot more focused on those simple things, getting their hair done, maybe where to go for lunch, y'know, simple shit. Getting their nails done, cuz their damn cuticle are wildn out. When dude over thatta way is gonna get at them, their next club appearance, who's gonna buy them their dranks lookin-girl.

Now before anyone tries to point fingers at me or something along those lines, all females think about those things, myself included. But I don't focus on these things. I got some big muthafkn fish to fry, and the last thing that is gonna be in the fore front of my mind is my cuticles.

(WTF Is THIS?!?!??! AHHHH. Lol)

I have on occasion wished I was a simple female because I am constantly introspecting, planning, reviewing things. My actions, what I need to do, what I didn't do, how this will affect me, how this will affect those, womp womp womp, my mind is a crazy machine.

But then I think, shit, I don't ever want to be one of those simpletons, because then I would not be me, I wouldn't be rio. I'd be one of those girls that I crack on. Sure life would be a little easier, but there'd be less substance to what I do and believe in.

Dig deeper. That's all I'm gonna say. I'm off the soapbox.

Anybody else wanna add anything to this list of what a simple female is?


  1. Sometimes I wish I was simple too---But serio...I rather be complicated with more than one dimension than simple....Woot for us complicated deep women!

  2. you couldn't have said it any better.