Thursday, March 12, 2009

random babble

Today managed to be a good day even though I got some major things that are about to be hanging over me as soon as I wake up.
I'm feeling SBS, aka Spring Break Syndrome. It's a short 2 days away, and I'm already going AWOL on some of my duties. But that's natural after going through a hell of a semester thus far, right?
I got some important females that are gonna be in Phoenix for the weekend and then some and I am STOKED. My primas Nannon and Gio are gonna be up Douglas and I haven't seen them in about 6 months. These are the blood MAINS. Nannon recently just became a mama and I have yet to meet her mija Hennessey (at first I wasn't sure I liked the name, but it's grown on me. I call her baby Henna.) I'm super proud of Nannon, just like most young, single moms out there, she's dealt with baby daddy drama, and she has really handled it with class. Not sure I coulda done such a feat, because I hear about the situation and I get some sorta infuriated.

Henna. :) Everybody loves a cute baby.

Spring break, yeeeeeeeeee.
I'm not one of the cool kids going to Lake Havasu, or Mexico (that's the last place Ima go with all the strife goin on down there), but Imma work so I can pay my bills, kick it with the best sorta people, and enjoy my city.

ps. I got a crush. :)


  1. Im not a cool kid either. Welcome to my wold! But we are cool in our own way! Who is your crush!?!?! She is a cutie!!

  2. oo err a crush!! this baby: TOO CUTTTEEE!!!