Monday, March 9, 2009

my prerogative

Good morning people!!!

The weekend was cool, I'm about to dip off to my Geologic Disasters lecture. It's actually interesting, not boring like it may look. After I'm outta class, I'm out to tempe. Got an appointment to get to, then I'm sitting down with my friend Sinek to chop it up and get some of his stories. He's a writer, and big graff head here in Phoenix and the dude just has some real things to say. His passion for what he does has shown to be true and from my observations, it's more than what some will ever feel in their lifetime.
You could even call it an interview. I'm doing these of my own preogative, whoever reads it, reads it. I'm going to be doing this with some other people too. There's too many people I know doing great things and I wanna get their stories out somehow...

got any ideas, feel free to throw em my way....


  1. you look great!are you going to write up the interview on the blog? it will be a good read! and Watchmen is the film to watch man! its GOODDDD!!!!

  2. You are gorgeous!!People are doing big thangs!!