Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Matter of Time mixtape

"Baby take off your halo, it doesn't even glow no more."

(I was checkin out his photos, he and his homies are makin this gesture in all of those pics...I'm hafta find out why cuz I'm

Presented by DJ Benzi and Don Cannon, done by up and coming singer/songwriter/producer, 21yr old Mike Posner does an exceptional job, and this is just a mixtape! Imagine when his actual album comes out.!
He mixes pop sounds with hip hop beats and out there lyrics. I keep raving about this mixtape to my friends. He does covers of Beyonce's 'Halo' and a Fray track, and I like the covers better than the originals! With songs like Drug Dealer Girl (I imagine this came from his own drug dealer girl?), Evil Woman, and Who Knows, you can't not like dude's work. AND Big Sean is ALL OVER this mixtape! I think that's saying something.

A Matter of Time


  1. You stay on it girl, love it! Don is always on some new shit, so keep an ear out for him.

    Be sure to check out his site: