Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Like the labia of a Playmate

First things first, I didn't feel like posting picture's of a Playmate's labia to illustrate my post, but some funny shit went down today at work concerning this title. This is for females,, so read on...males...read if you want...hah.

Me and my girl Nalgona went to break, and on the t.v. in the breakroom was one of those shows with a panel of doctors answering questions. Today's episode concerned embarassing sex and body questions.
First observation was the break room had 3 males sitting in it when we walked in, and all were watching the show, one was completely interested and exhibited this fact, while the other 2 pretended not to watch, but I saw both perk up their ears. I see you nigga, don't hide it.
Maybe this seems like topics that aren't appropriate for the work place, or that the awkward-ness would bother us in that breakroom, but neither me or my girl cared. The guys coulda changed it if they liked., lol.
There was a single mother who asked the panel of doctors about what the size of a normal labia is, because she had a baby recently, and back on the dating scene, she was worried about the intimacy part of it all due to her, uh, elongated labia.

From what I understand, that's something women who go through child birth have to experience, and allow things to go back to normal down there over time. However, the doctors offered the option of labia-plasty. WTF?! You can have a labia-lift. I swear to you my vagina was cringing just at the mention of this...

One of the doctor was trying to console the woman saying that it was okay, that no one is gonna have the labia of a Playmate. AHAHAHAHAH. What exactly does the labia of a playmate look like, is this a reference that playmates have tight vajayjays?

Wild shit, I swear. I was so weak after I heard that comment.

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  1. "What exactly does the labia of a playmate look like, is this a reference that playmates have tight vajayjays?"

    Hahahaha Couldn't agree with you more!

    Labia-plasty is weird-- never understood why its a huge deal