Monday, March 9, 2009

Graffti is Grimy, part 1

"Graffiti is grimy. It's not some kosher shit."

Sat down with my dude Sinek and it was a real eye-opening conversation. That quote above was one of the first things he spit outta his mouth at me. I can literally say I feel like this guy, and I know once he reads this he'll disagree because he's a humble dude, is an O G. Through and through. He's a product of the 80s that has come up out of south Phoenix and learned the craft when graff still held mystery.

Some who may not like what he has to say here, but neither him or I care. But if you're one for the real, you can appreciate an opinion and story even if it's different from how you do or imagined the process. Because, like he said, this is the knowledge from where he came from. It's how the game was when he came up.

1)Your name, what's the story behind it.
S: Writ was the first name I wrote, but that shit sucked. I went to my homie, and he said I could write his old name, Siner. Started getting up with that, but then he started getting weird bout that even though he said I could, so I figured I'd just drop the r, and throw in a k.

2) You backpacked around the states on the eastern side of the U.S., where'd you hit? How long were you gone for and what was that whole experience like.
S: Starting October of 05 until about October of 07, I was back and forth out traveling. I hit Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Virginia, West VA, Kentucky, and Pittsburgh. My partner in crime for all this was Bryer from the BK Crew, Houston.

Him and I stole 200 cans of paint from Home Depot to get money for our plane tickets. We sold 'em, got the money, bought backpacks, and we were out.
We would boost paint to survive. We'd take from Home Depot or Lowes and sell half of what we took, then we'd use half. The money we'd make we used it for gas, money, tickets, anything to survive.

We actually hit about 9 stores in the Cleveland area, and it started to make the news, so we calmed down with that.

----I should explain this part of his story, Sinek is a tried and true user of Rustoleum paint, which is found at places like Home Depot. He doesn't use Belton, doesn't use Montana Gold or Montana Blacks, it wasn't around when he was coming up. He calls those brands 'wacky paint'. Rustoleum continues to be his preference. And according to him, Rusto is a dirty and unforgiving paint.-----

3) First bomb you ever saw that's influenced you.
S: My style was influenced by 21Rak from the NG Crew. Saw a train he did in '97. He's from Pittsburgh, but he's a local dude now. Him and Kaper were the first dudes who's graff I had seen .

*A 21Rak freight piece.*

4)The Phoenix scene, what are your observations about it.
S: Phoenix has no scene. Going through other cities, experiencing other circuits, it's completely different out there. Everyone's trying to feed their egos here. Random fact, but I remember when the I-10 West used to get crushed by tagging crews in the early 90s. [I learned an interesting fact of phx history here, haha]

5) What really makes you different than the other writers out there.
S:My mindset. I was taught by Guilt, rest in peace, and he brought me to the trains. The game has lost respect. You respect the yard, and it'll respect you. It sounds crazy, but you gotta listen to the grass in the yard. Listen to the trains. Listen to the wind. It's the vibe.

The moment I walk into a yard, I listen. If something don't feel right, I walk away.

I'm gonna throw my conversation with him up in installments, I don't want this getting too long. And his good words, a reader hasta take them in. I'm still working my thoughts around what he had to say. No doubt he's making kids cry everywhere by calling industry giant paints like Montana wacky paint!

Graffiti is Grimy, part 2... it'll be posted soon.

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