Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Faith47,I've seen the name before, but until I read the feature on her in Format magazine, that I was able to place the name.

Faith47 is an artist based out of South Africa, her work speaks clearly for itself. Subtle undertones, via poetry done with paint. Plus she mashes up the graffiti, big block letters, and urban art influence into her work. S.A. is a country that is known for it's beautiful beaches and vibrant life, but it's also rife with violence, class divides, and rough economics; as far as I can tell by looking at her work, what she has seen around her and the feelings it's invoked in her have been poured into her work. She's another female that's been in the international art/graff circuit for a minute, and her work is wonderfully done and full of purpose.

Read the interview here


  1. I LOVE FAITH47. one of the slept on graffers i think. i'm over fafi and miss van [they're dope but damn], faith holds her own also!