Monday, March 23, 2009

$14 laundry detergent?

One of my jobs is at Victoria Secret, where above pictured models model the thongs and bras I sell to random ass women, from housewives and to whores alike.

Lol just kidding, the whores comment is unnecessary. For the most part, I enjoy working there, except for their amazing inability to properly give me hours (they accidentally gave me a 2 month hiatus). Every shift I've ever worked there is always an adventure. I've sold some lovely gay men Pink Sweatpants, flexed my espanol skills (my store is in a mall where a grip of espanol speakers like to drop their paychecks), been sized up by many a man coming in to buy ishh for their women who don't know their wifey's sizes, etc, the list goes on.
However, Victoria Secret is always expanding their products and at a work meeting tonight, I noticed in my 2 month hiatus we even have a special brand of laundry detergent we sell. Odd. I thought we were about under-things...not soap. And this crisp smelling deterget costs a whopping $14. whatThefck?? No. HQ is retarded for that one...

Spring break is over and I'm sad. I'm getting burned out on the school tip. My break was lowkey, hung out with some cool people, spent some time with fam and the mains, saw some important people.
I'mma post the second part of Graffiti is Grimy, my sit down with my old school graff homie. Then I'm actually going to throw a mini interview with a friend of mine who's a Border Patrol agent. We've talked about his job many a time and that shit right there is real interesting., lots of stories, crazy things going on. Keep an eye out and thanks for those that do read. :) -rioTapatio


  1. victoria secret can kick rocks on that detergent tip. i bought a strapless bra from there and i'm in love with it. i'd wear it every single day if i could lol

  2. Wtf? Are they serious? VS Detergent?? It better do something magical! I think they need to get rid of it....really.

  3. lmao i use to work there...ay was such a trip...but really no one will buy that..

  4. Nonsense!!! maybe the workers will be able to persuade the bfs/hubbys that their wives bras will fall apart unless they use this $14 nonsense! I bet it will work tho, men will hav no clue and will pissed to spend how much on undies only for it not to stay in prestine condition!

  5. ooh im keen to see how the interview with the Border Patrol dude will be like.