Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Like the labia of a Playmate

First things first, I didn't feel like posting picture's of a Playmate's labia to illustrate my post, but some funny shit went down today at work concerning this title. This is for females,, so read on...males...read if you want...hah.

Me and my girl Nalgona went to break, and on the t.v. in the breakroom was one of those shows with a panel of doctors answering questions. Today's episode concerned embarassing sex and body questions.
First observation was the break room had 3 males sitting in it when we walked in, and all were watching the show, one was completely interested and exhibited this fact, while the other 2 pretended not to watch, but I saw both perk up their ears. I see you nigga, don't hide it.
Maybe this seems like topics that aren't appropriate for the work place, or that the awkward-ness would bother us in that breakroom, but neither me or my girl cared. The guys coulda changed it if they liked., lol.
There was a single mother who asked the panel of doctors about what the size of a normal labia is, because she had a baby recently, and back on the dating scene, she was worried about the intimacy part of it all due to her, uh, elongated labia.

From what I understand, that's something women who go through child birth have to experience, and allow things to go back to normal down there over time. However, the doctors offered the option of labia-plasty. WTF?! You can have a labia-lift. I swear to you my vagina was cringing just at the mention of this...

One of the doctor was trying to console the woman saying that it was okay, that no one is gonna have the labia of a Playmate. AHAHAHAHAH. What exactly does the labia of a playmate look like, is this a reference that playmates have tight vajayjays?

Wild shit, I swear. I was so weak after I heard that comment.

Monday, March 30, 2009

te extrano

Definetly stumbled around down here before...
Agua Prieta, MX.

Some of the best times ever.

You can be my super boo

This track has been steady in the rotation.! The video's cool, very simplistic, full of females, but it isn't the a-typical. Yeaaa Kid Cudi.

I hope to God though that the broad ain't a hoe though.

Super Boo - Kid Cudi

Thursday, March 26, 2009

damn straight

The ladies over at DoorKnockers have become a favorite blog of mine on the quickstatus.
The quote" "A chill homeboy is better than a mediocre boyfriend" posted by Kristia really struck a chord with me.

It's so true. Sometimes as a female we just gotta learn to recognize where we draw the line with a dude when it comes to looking at them as a chill homeboy than being with a mediocre boyfriend. It's true with the ladies too, sometimes it's better to be friends than settle for a female that treats you 'middle-like'.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mexican fashion label: The Cherry Project

The Cherry Project,,
Mexican fashion label based out of Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX. His work has been seen on Lykke Li, Bat For Lashes, in paper mag, and on the front woman of band Belanova. I like what I saw, strong colors, easy to wear, I really like the cut of the back of this green dress. The shoes are darling.
BUT, for the life of me, I could not find out wear or what websites to cop the clothing.! I suppose I gotta really get down to the nitty gritty on that one, but check the cherry project here

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


ALIFExKrink collab board,,
pretty illlll if you ask me. I like the silver.

Fotos of the Dia

Friend Andrew Quesada of Bang!Bang!Photography is really going places. He's had a number of showcases of his photography, has shot a range of musicians like Carter, Pac Div, Dom Kennedy, and Blu, maintains a day job, works for Babe Blvd, is involved in a number of other projects, and is soon to have a book of his photography published.! For being just 21, I'd say that's not bad at all. Big ups to the moves you're making Andrew.

Monday, March 23, 2009

$14 laundry detergent?

One of my jobs is at Victoria Secret, where above pictured models model the thongs and bras I sell to random ass women, from housewives and to whores alike.

Lol just kidding, the whores comment is unnecessary. For the most part, I enjoy working there, except for their amazing inability to properly give me hours (they accidentally gave me a 2 month hiatus). Every shift I've ever worked there is always an adventure. I've sold some lovely gay men Pink Sweatpants, flexed my espanol skills (my store is in a mall where a grip of espanol speakers like to drop their paychecks), been sized up by many a man coming in to buy ishh for their women who don't know their wifey's sizes, etc, the list goes on.
However, Victoria Secret is always expanding their products and at a work meeting tonight, I noticed in my 2 month hiatus we even have a special brand of laundry detergent we sell. Odd. I thought we were about under-things...not soap. And this crisp smelling deterget costs a whopping $14. whatThefck?? No. HQ is retarded for that one...

Spring break is over and I'm sad. I'm getting burned out on the school tip. My break was lowkey, hung out with some cool people, spent some time with fam and the mains, saw some important people.
I'mma post the second part of Graffiti is Grimy, my sit down with my old school graff homie. Then I'm actually going to throw a mini interview with a friend of mine who's a Border Patrol agent. We've talked about his job many a time and that shit right there is real interesting., lots of stories, crazy things going on. Keep an eye out and thanks for those that do read. :) -rioTapatio

Dopest Kitchen Ever

Dopest kitchen I've possibly ever seen. Lol.
And then I guess this female was lying around, and Reyes just painted her too.
more here

Thursday, March 19, 2009

a little train yard action...

A little train yard action,,
never gets old. We caught a few tags, and then dipped out once the sun went down.
Love the gritty.

Terry Richardson x GG x Rolling Stone

Alright I am a sucker for this show, I can't even lie. I've been on the GG tip for a while, I began reading the books back in high school, and I was hella stoked that they turned the books into a show. I love both the girls, and Terry Richardson did a good job shooting the cover for RS. The concept is naughty, if not gratuitous, but I gotta admit I like it.

P.S. Is it just me, or does Leighton look like she's reaching for the porn-esque expressions? ahaha.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nike 6.0's newest member

Nike 6.0----
Nike is wading into a different area of action sports, specifically into the area of surf wear &&the world of water. Interesting.
Recently, 22 year old Tahitian Michel Bourez was signed to the team. He won Rookie of the Year after winning the first round of the Triple Crown at the Reef Hawaiian Pro last year, and from what I do know about surfing, that is a great feat for someone so new to the game.One to look for no doubt, and that smile, tan, and body will definetly have me keeping a lookout too.

Nike Can Surf


Faith47,I've seen the name before, but until I read the feature on her in Format magazine, that I was able to place the name.

Faith47 is an artist based out of South Africa, her work speaks clearly for itself. Subtle undertones, via poetry done with paint. Plus she mashes up the graffiti, big block letters, and urban art influence into her work. S.A. is a country that is known for it's beautiful beaches and vibrant life, but it's also rife with violence, class divides, and rough economics; as far as I can tell by looking at her work, what she has seen around her and the feelings it's invoked in her have been poured into her work. She's another female that's been in the international art/graff circuit for a minute, and her work is wonderfully done and full of purpose.

Read the interview here


55DSL, it's the company of Andrea Rosso, son of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, based out of northern Italy. Taste-wise, 55DSL is right up my alley! The current concept for Spring/Summer 2009 is intergalactic spaceships mixed with beachside paradise, and frankly, I'm diggin the shit outta it. Lets cop me the model's dress, that jacket, the off the shoulder T, and I think I'll be good.

55DSL, it's the company of Andrea Rosso, son of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, based out of northern Italy. Taste-wise, 55DSL is right up my alley! The current concept for Spring/Summer 2009 is intergalactic spaceships mixed with beachside paradise, and frankly, I'm diggin the shit outta it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Simple Females

Simple females, we all know 'em.

They're those females that don't take a second look at things. They're those ones that are a lot more focused on those simple things, getting their hair done, maybe where to go for lunch, y'know, simple shit. Getting their nails done, cuz their damn cuticle are wildn out. When dude over thatta way is gonna get at them, their next club appearance, who's gonna buy them their dranks lookin-girl.

Now before anyone tries to point fingers at me or something along those lines, all females think about those things, myself included. But I don't focus on these things. I got some big muthafkn fish to fry, and the last thing that is gonna be in the fore front of my mind is my cuticles.

(WTF Is THIS?!?!??! AHHHH. Lol)

I have on occasion wished I was a simple female because I am constantly introspecting, planning, reviewing things. My actions, what I need to do, what I didn't do, how this will affect me, how this will affect those, womp womp womp, my mind is a crazy machine.

But then I think, shit, I don't ever want to be one of those simpletons, because then I would not be me, I wouldn't be rio. I'd be one of those girls that I crack on. Sure life would be a little easier, but there'd be less substance to what I do and believe in.

Dig deeper. That's all I'm gonna say. I'm off the soapbox.

Anybody else wanna add anything to this list of what a simple female is?

Monday, March 16, 2009

statements and la policia

Okayy done with my weekend hiatus,
lol. It was real cool, spent some quality time
with Nannon, G, the Tias, y Hennessey out in Queen Creek,
which is basically a community that fans out from the East Side of Phoenix.
Its an hour out to that area, then an additional 30-40 minutes taking the road out to that area.

Tell me why though, when London and I are cruising home on the long stretch of road before the freeway, it's about 9:45 at night, listening to some Hova, that I see fuknn police lights flashing in my review mirror! First thing out my mouth was shittttt. LOL.
Apparently, My definition of cruising seems to fall underneath the category of SPEEDING. It was a 45 mph zone, and I was doin a cool 62 mph. I give the lovely officer of Pinal County my papers and ID and he asks why I was speeding. I switch into apologetic mode and immediately start improvising some story, lol. He walks away to his car, and I start mumbling prayers underneath my breath. London swore up and down that I was about to get a ticket, but I thought I might just manage to convince him to give me a warning.
And then he WARNED me. WHEW. I just wiped a speeding ticket off my record back in Dec., so I really didn't need that. On the rest of the way home I did the speed limit and decided not to test fate's mercy. Lol.

Me and a certain somebody were cruising (and I mean that literally, his definition of cruising is not my 62 mph definition, lol) downtown real quick, and even though it was nighttime, we caught a full look of this mural shown above. Whatttt??? I was wondering bout this mural all weekend after we saw it, and sure enough, when I go to El Mac's blog, come to find out he did this wonderful piece!

Seems he did it from a photo he took at a recent immigration rights march. His response to the increasing racisim these days. [And it's true, the deputy officer Joe Arpaio in PHX has it out for anybody with brown skin these days...]

Love Mac's work, it always makes a statement.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

new new Retna

New piece by Retna. He's a favorite of mine, so I had to do it.
Posted over on Brooks and Pacific in Venice.


Sexy Katy Perry

Love Katy Perry.
She's funny. She's a real woman. She's super personable (anyone watch the MTV Europe Awards? She was such an entertaining host). And she's done an sexy spread in Esquire that I absolutely love. It's outta the norm for what she does regularly, so you all,, pay attention. Hah. ;)

random babble

Today managed to be a good day even though I got some major things that are about to be hanging over me as soon as I wake up.
I'm feeling SBS, aka Spring Break Syndrome. It's a short 2 days away, and I'm already going AWOL on some of my duties. But that's natural after going through a hell of a semester thus far, right?
I got some important females that are gonna be in Phoenix for the weekend and then some and I am STOKED. My primas Nannon and Gio are gonna be up Douglas and I haven't seen them in about 6 months. These are the blood MAINS. Nannon recently just became a mama and I have yet to meet her mija Hennessey (at first I wasn't sure I liked the name, but it's grown on me. I call her baby Henna.) I'm super proud of Nannon, just like most young, single moms out there, she's dealt with baby daddy drama, and she has really handled it with class. Not sure I coulda done such a feat, because I hear about the situation and I get some sorta infuriated.

Henna. :) Everybody loves a cute baby.

Spring break, yeeeeeeeeee.
I'm not one of the cool kids going to Lake Havasu, or Mexico (that's the last place Ima go with all the strife goin on down there), but Imma work so I can pay my bills, kick it with the best sorta people, and enjoy my city.

ps. I got a crush. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amanda Blank

This woman is classy, sassy, and her music is my new addiction.
She's friends with Santogold, tight with Diplo, she's worked with M.I.A. That just adds more to her dope appeal, she's good in my book. Lady on the come up, lets keep an eye out for her.

Her part on Santogold's track 'Im A Lady' has a real 90s vibe to it. Has the g feel, b

Im A Lady (Diplo Mix Ft Amanda Blank) - Santogoldut still very feminine.