Thursday, February 19, 2009

"You're the son of a clerk, I shouldn't want to be you."

"You're the son of a clerk. I shouldn't want to be you."

That line is from one of my favorite movies, The Count of Monte Cristo. Based off the classic novel by Alexander Dumas, it's the story of two friends, Edmond Dantes(played by Jim Caviezel) and Fernand Mondego (played by Guy Pearce) who both aspire to become captain of a ship in a large shipping company in Marseilles, France. There's also a lady love of the movie, Mercedes, whom both men have affection for. This is set in the time right after Napoleon's fall.

During a trip to Elba to seek medical attention for their captain, both Edmond and Fernand come upon a situation that changes things from there on out. The doctor that attends to the ship captain happens to be the personal physician for the exiled Napoleon. This doctor demands that Edmond deliver a letter when he returns to France, and unbe knowst to him, it holds plans to try and rescue Napoleon from exile. Edmond, being the son of a clerk, is illiterate and has no idea what this letter holds. On the down low, Fernand also manages to read this letter and being the son of a rich man, he can read and knows what the letter holds.

On their return from Elba, Edmond is offered the job of a captain, and upon his success, he proposes to Mercedes and she accepts. Learning of all this, Fernand becomes absolutely sick with jealousy. And from there, Fernand begins to plan a way to take it all away from his best friend Edmond.

He remembers the letter that Edmond has concerning plans to deliver the exiled Napoleon, Fernand manages to get a hold of it, and he turns it in to incriminate Edmond. Edmond is sentenced to life in prison at the Chateau, which is on a remote rock island.


Forgive me for the slightly lengthy review of the movie, but you have to have a decent understanding of the movie to understand this post. I've wanted to write a post based on that line from the movie, but I wanted to take a few to think about what exactly it is I wanted to write.

Edmond was the son of clerk, and his best friend Fernand had much more oppurtunities avaliable to him because he was born into the blue blood society in France. Yet Fernand still envies Edmond and his success, all because he achieved it before Fernand did. And he ruins Edmond's life for many years, because of JEALOUSY.

I mean damn, besides love, money, power, and sex ruining relationships and friendships, jealousy is a huge facet of what ruins things. That's where people trip up, when they focus on their envy instead of how they too can succeed.

We've all experienced jealousy because we are all human. It's the nature of man. However, It is a massive pet peeve of mine when I overhear or see people act in particular manners because of their low pettiness and jealousy.

You're jealous of your girl over there because she landed a great job with better pay while you're earning 8.50 an hour? Get off your ass and start hunting around for better oppurtunities, or put your dues in and climb up that ladder.

You're jealous because your homie aced some shit exam and you didn't? You musta not have studied enough. Spend a few hours more in the library.

You're incredulous how your friend landed that girl/dude and you don't know what they got that you don't? Hate to break it to you, but they definetly have something that you don't and it appeals to their new significant other.

Stop worrying about what they're doing, worry about what YOU'RE doing. People, be happy for your friends successes, karma will treat you well for being genuine in that respect.

I'm fortunate to have good friends and a support system that are behind me no matter what, and when they succeed, I'm hella happy for them. I want my friends and family to succeed. They got theirs, I got mine.

disclaimer: If you got lame friends that don't know how to be happy for you? Holla at me then, you can tell me bout your shit.

another post to follow on this....


  1. Sadly I dont feel like I have friends right now

  2. I always heard about the book and movie and how good they were. Now that I read this,I really want to watch/read it. Thanks.

  3. Weird, I was just watching the movie the other day.