Saturday, February 28, 2009


I was going through one of my old composition books from last summer...has all my notes from when I was interning at Latino Future mag...but I found this scrawled down in the book and thought I'd throw it up in here... I'm pretty sure it was the 'rant' of the moment.

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What's it mean to be real. One of the universal questions out there. It's not faking your thoughts, actions, or at your style. And I mean damn, if anyone's gonna fake it, fake it well at least. We can spot that shit a mile away, you wear it all over you like a bad billboard.
It cuts alot deeper than rockin gear that your homie very plainly wears routinely. Being real is synonomous with being sincere. You're gonna mean what you do and say, and you better try your damndest to hold up to that. Maybe it's gonna take time for you to work up to doing such a thing...but if you need to do it slowly, at least do it surely.
However, don't be bragging about how real you are. When you're real, it shows. And when you're lying, we know the show you're putting on. It's not gonna be just in your words, it's gonna be in your actions too.



  1. I completely agree.
    being real is being yourself. i find that i get complimented the most on my personality/style/writing/whatever when i don't try to impress anyone. i say what i want, wear what i want, and listen to what i want and people seem to gravitate towards me because i try hard to keep it sincere.

    great post (as always!)

  2. Yes mam, real just fits better. If i cant be me than i cant be there. hEART YOUR BLOG MAM!