Tuesday, February 10, 2009

personality quirks?

Rio public service announcement here. If you know me, you're gonna know this to be true. I'm not really the bitch type, I have my bitch moments, but by no means it's not some constant process for me.
However, I am gonna be a smartass to you. I'm gonna give you a hard time, make a flippant comment, or repeat your shit back to you. If I'm acting in the aforementioned manner it's because you were asking for it. Everyone can be a smartass, but it's a constant with me.
How d'you cats act when someone's askin for it? Maybe a dude/girl is tryin to come at you sideways...you got a homie who's just actin plain stupid...How do you serve it to 'em?


  1. stupid people get a stupid look and probably a smart ass comment from my smart ass mouth. urgh. god loves stupid people cuz they everywhere. i swearrrrrr.