Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kweenz Destroy

Kweenz Destroy.
Let me put my fellow females on game since Bubblegum Pony helped put me on game with an ad for Kweenz Destroy :]
Kweenz Destroy is the baby and burgeoning brand of a fabulous and fresh woman by the name of Indie. She herself is known in the girl's graff world, plus she's wifey to graff legend Cope2. This single shirt below managed to generate a buzz and was featured on High Snobette, Mass Appeal, and in MissBehave. A spring line is soon to follow, which I heard from the mizz Indie herself.

She has granted me a wonderful oppurtunity to be one of the contributors on the Kweenz Destroy blog. So please, keep an eye and read up HERE:

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