Monday, February 2, 2009

Heard that one before.

Alright I'm gonna make this post a little more personal, to vent actually. Blogs are good for that, lol.
When communication with a dude has dropped off, say over a period of 2 weeks, the reason is usually one of two possibilities.
a. He's got a mad busy schedule, and shit's preventing him from
paying you some proper attention.
b. things are changing and gradually the changes are being
put into place.

Choice A, there is some plausibility to that I feel. I know there have been days when I'm running my ass around and I barely got time to even LOOK at my phone. But damn, those days dont go on consecutively for two weeks.

Choice B, this is the more likely of reasons. Maybe he's not getting what he wants from you, whether it's sex or participation in a relationship, and it's changing how he feels. This happens with everybody, we as humans don't get what our little heart desires, and we decide that maybe that's no longer what we want., because we're not getting it when we want it. Okay that's cool, but maybe you could actually be a little forthcoming with it?

I've heard that "Oh I've been's nothing personal" shit line before. HAH. You act like my ass can't read between the lines. Pleaseee muchacho. I done heard that before enough to recognize what it really means.
And regardless, if you really want to talk to someone and just say hi during a busy day? You do that.

But it's cool though, maybe I'm gonna go get busy or something too. ;)

Ladies, where do YOU draw the line?

P.S. Lol,I should mention too, as to not make it look like I haven't been making an effort with the dude, the fact of the matter is I have. Lotta unreturned calls or even acknowledgement of the calls...


  1. do u ever hit him up??
    but yeah i hate bullshit like that
    shiiiit get busy!

  2. I usually draw the line after a few non answered phone calls. I understand if you're busy,but come on. I don't understand why guys can't be straight up with you.Come on Fellas!!

  3. Ugh, I know how you feel.
    He tried to say it was my fault
    because I was supposed to call him
    whereas if I didn't hit him up we would've
    never talked so I cut his ass off.

  4. when it stops making you more happy than the opposite.

  5. when I'm not getting my share at the end of the bargain.... if I'm putting a consious effort to give more than he gives me, oh your done buddie :)

  6. well time to drop that zero and get yourself a hero(me) haha..

  7. Don't you hate it when that happens? It totally frustrates me when men stoop to using B.S. like that. My grandfather said it best to me: "If a man really wants something, I don't care how busy he is, HE WILL MAKE TIME."

    I apply it to literally everything. I'm surprised you give guys 2 weeks. I used to only give them 3 days, but I guess it depends on the guy.

    You're beautiful, smart and driven. Just focus on yourself and keep it moving. Trust me, he'll come back around when he realizes how stupid he was...they ALL do.