Tuesday, February 17, 2009

From Copenhagen to Barcelona.

Had to enjoy the 3 day weekend. Wasn't all that much time between work and goin out and kickin it to jump on my computer.
There are a few cities that I am going to be making it to in the near future, but I am constantly looking into and checking things out in Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Rio. I got curious about the style that was being rocked overseas in my cities of interest and this is what I found! And I absolutely love this shit!

This girl right here,, young and fresh! I'm not particularly opposed or for the whole fur deal, it is what it is, but she is rockin the HELL out of this jacket. And plus she lives in Denmark, and it's obviously cold there. So go on girl. I'm feeling the whole lookin, but I particularly like those tights and boots.

OOOOhhhWEEEE Kasper you are somethin! Besides those cut cheek bones, he's got such a good look goin on here. I'm a fan of clean lines with simple cuts, and he's wearing exactly that.

AND HE'S TATT'D?!?!?!?!?!? Ohhh myyyy...


love it. the sneakers with the pants and leather jacket. MmmmHMMMM,,fCK YEA.

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