Saturday, February 28, 2009


I was going through one of my old composition books from last summer...has all my notes from when I was interning at Latino Future mag...but I found this scrawled down in the book and thought I'd throw it up in here... I'm pretty sure it was the 'rant' of the moment.

whats real Pictures, Images and Photos

What's it mean to be real. One of the universal questions out there. It's not faking your thoughts, actions, or at your style. And I mean damn, if anyone's gonna fake it, fake it well at least. We can spot that shit a mile away, you wear it all over you like a bad billboard.
It cuts alot deeper than rockin gear that your homie very plainly wears routinely. Being real is synonomous with being sincere. You're gonna mean what you do and say, and you better try your damndest to hold up to that. Maybe it's gonna take time for you to work up to doing such a thing...but if you need to do it slowly, at least do it surely.
However, don't be bragging about how real you are. When you're real, it shows. And when you're lying, we know the show you're putting on. It's not gonna be just in your words, it's gonna be in your actions too.




I am feelin this.
rio tapatio anyone? :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

mexicana top notch art

This is my SHIT.
Misty Avila Ovalle, she's a Mexicana artist who does all sorts of mediums. Mixes urban, with kitsch, Mexican Candy, female Lucha Libres, agaga. I love it all. How could you not love it.

She even did a Dilla! How g is that?!

Misty Avila Ovalle

Lohan shoot

Lindsay Lohan recently shot by Hedi Slimane.
info via

I love the black and white, and the fact that there is a certain grungy but still very female (obviously) vibe to these photos. She's looking a little skinny...but hey...thats just me...

Hallejuiah for the Mac/Kofie Mural

Yes Yes Yes.

The other day when Joy and I went downtown to go snag a walk-in advising session at Cronkite. (ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, shit's top notch) Afterwards, we headed down to Roosevelt to go grab something to drink. After the wonderful man at Coffee Conspire (old house turned into mini coffee shop/store, it sits at the end of this houses by day, art galleries by night row), I got excited because I realized that we were gonna have the chance to see the new Mac/Kofie collab mural.


This image is via , Kofie's website. The light was too bright for Joy and I to catch a shot of the mural ourselves...damn the high sun in the phx cielo.

There isn't much art displayed about phoenix like this, so I'm sure you all can understand my excitement.

It's pretty to look at.

Freida Pinto,
cover of Indian Vogue...

Lol. That was kinda a go figure wasn't it? Still a stellar cover though.

women are warriors too.

This tee right here is called 'baby girl'. I am in loveee with the Weekend Warriors and their wonderful burgeoning line. Their spring 09 is titled 'project mayhem' and that shit makes me tingle. It's clever, it's quick, and I want it. As new as they are to the game, I like their clothes alot more than some of the other female brands. But hey...that's just me... show them some love Ladies. I will be copping the babygirl tee.

(love their oath too, I find it to be very on point.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

word of the day: resilient

My mom is such a Mexican.
I'm up doing math homework right now and she's on her computer watching some ish, I can hear alotta spanish, and I ask her what she's doing and she said she's catching up on the end of her novela that she missed last week. Shit's hardcore, I know a grip of latin mamas that are fanatics about their novelas. Lol.
No but this post is addressing my word of the day.
/rɪˈzɪlyənt, -ˈzɪliənt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ri-zil-yuhnt, -zil-ee-uhnt]
1. springing back; rebounding.
2. returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched.
3. recovering readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyant.
What resilience means to me . . .
I had someone(a person of professional training) tell me today that I'm exhibiting great resilience. The first definition doesn't apply, because I'm not rebounding from any relationship or dude.
Definitions 2 and 3 are most applicable in my case.
I am recovering from some adversity and the like that bent and streched my emotional, physical, and mental well-being. It's some heavy, no-bueno,never good for any female business.
I'm not gonna say that I've been springing back. It's taken about 4 months for the same me to slowly get back to normal, I'm still fixing some shit with myself. I'm not nessecarily the same me, I'm an improved, hyper-fukn-vigilant me.

And I'm gonna stay that way and continue to stay resilient. Thanks Jenn Shelly.

Reyes x Louis Vuitton

Along with Retna and Mac, I'm a big fan of Reyes.

He was commissioned to do work for Louis Vuitton at the LV store in San Fransisco.
Check out the dopeness.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eye pleasure

Damn I stumbled on this work by sheer coincedence. Local here to Tempe,AZ, Photographer killin it Kristen Wright. Wow. I had to show her work love. Check her work out, I'm gonna just let these photos speak for themselves. SHIT.!

check her out here:
**I'm having trouble doing hyperlinks, and i have no idea why. So bear with me?

Sessilee Lopez

I was reading one of my regular magazines, Latina, and they just recently did a feature on Dominican model Sessilee Lopez.

I have gotta give it to mama, she is something else. Absolutely stunning. She debuted at age 16 at Darryl K and Vivienne Tam. She's twenty and lighting up runways for Zac Posen, Rag&Bone, Diane von Furstenburg, and many more.

She recently landed a huge editorial in Italian Vogue for Jan. 2009, a great accomplishment I'd say. I think what I like most about her besides her great skin and skin tone, is those eyes! They have a great shape and she really uses those ojos in her photos, I'm a fan of brown eyes, maybe because I have them. hah.

Photos courtesy

Slumdog takes the Oscar cake

My newest favorite movie won a grip of Oscars, Slumdog Millionaire. And well-deserving at that too!

A total of 7, Best picture, Best director, Best film editing, Best sound mixing, best adapted screenplay, and the two that I was very excited about, best original song and best original score. The music was so insane in that flick. So here are the two songs that received commendation...'s worth it. These tracks are very different.!

Jai Ho - A.R. Rahman

O... Saya - M.I.A.

I have the O...Saya track on my myspace,, because the mixing and sounds are fire!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Interview to come!

Been granted a great oppurtunity concerning the blog I contribute to at Kweenz Destroy, I'll be interviewing Sydney artist and graff mama Spice. She's been heavy in the game since the 80s so you KNOW her craft has been well-honed. Could probably say she's a jack of all trades, she's been doin all sortsa dope things for a long time runnin now...but I'mma save that for the interview. Keep an eye out.!

Photos below will give you an idea of this lady's skills. . .

photos via Spice.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Girl Crush

Salma Hayek,
this is my girl crush. Haha. I loved her Desperado, Fools Rush In, and Frida. She's a fierce one, and don't get me wrong, she may not be any Meryl Streep or Kate Winslet (in the realm of seriously serious good actresses), but she's made her mark.

Plus for her role in Frida back in 2002, she was the first ever Latin actress to be nominated for an Academy Award. She didn't win, but hey, the nomination still counts for some shit in my book!

She did grow quite large when she was pregnant with her beautiful baby girl Valentina, but she slimmed downn right quick, the lucky bitch. Hah. No disrespect. And she just recently got married to French billionaire Francois Pinault. He look's kinda old if you ask me...but he's he must be charming.?

Spill your girl crushes Ladies, I know you got 'em.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Current Man

Meet mi novio, mi corazon, mi vida, Cayetano Rivera Ordonez from Spain...
matador and model for Giorgio Armani...
he fights bulls, faces death, and can look good clean shaven and scruffy.
And his green eyes get me HOT.

He's flying me to Madrid next week. ; ]

House of Balenciaga

Facet Sandals.


SHIT,, Balenciaga. I love that shade of red and I am a sucker for big purses. And those heels? That stiletto with the inlaid stones and gold on 'em, they're killing me!

The House of Balenciaga was started in 1918 by Cristobal Balenciaga with his first haute couture house in San Sebastian, Spain. His success and admirations for his line then led to the open for his second and third couture houses in Madrid and Barcelona. It is currently run by Nicolas Ghesquiere.

want of the week: LA Woman

Estevan Oriol has a calendar out called LA Woman. Full of photos from his archives of beautiful women, I'm seeing good things about this calendar.

"I like the ethnic exotic look. I guess that’s what you’d call it."
-Estevan Oriol in interview with Brian Grazer @

YEA Estevan. Ethnic looks are a good look. :]] haha,, call me biased since that's what I am...