Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Do You Do....

When your quote-on-quote sanctuary doesn't provide you the peace of mind and privacy that is supposed to? I'm talking about your home. My home. Everyone's homes. I can't vouch for others, but my house is straight up crazy a lot of the time.
I am the oldest of five children, living in a 3 bedroom home with my family. I share a room, as well as a bed, with my sister London, and my youngest sister Willow on the top bunk (that's right, we are rollin with bunk beds in this household, haha).
I have never had my own room or own space of any kind for myself. If I want privacy, only place I get it is in the bathroom, taking showers or getting ready and what not! Haha.
But I'm startin to get a little stir crazy, real talk. The privacy, or the lack there of, I've dealt with that for a long time now. That's nada. It's not giving me the peace of mind that I'd like. Being in such close quarters has made me and my sibs pretty close, which I'm glad for. But if moms is on the war path, or I just need to freakkin dipset outta this crazy ass casa.
Recent events have made it so that my peace of mind is outta wack, and I haven't needed time for myself or places to go to think and chill out more than now.
I'm workin on building up a base of readers, ha, I know that'll come in time, but anybody that reads this, damn, if you got any suggestions, please shoot them my way! hah.


  1. Cebella Rio!
    Damn it's been a long time, eh?
    I miss being able to visit you at Target n' such, but it looks like you're on to bigger and better things!
    Now you know you have at least one reader! Ha
    Talk to me sometime, k?

    Tylah from Target

  2. keep expressing your mind like the way you do, you'll get your readers and they WILL feel you. and if loud enough... you be having the ground beneath their feet shaking. keep tuckin...