Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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Today was my first legit day of classes, and man I gotta say it feels so good to be back in school and learning. Real talk. Had math, geologic disasters lecture and lab, and I soaked that shit up. hah. Don't be surprised if I start to get on my soapbox about how the human race is ruining the Earth or some ishhh.
I got a real good writing class going on tonight, Writing for Online Media. To me, this is about to be crucial because so much of the journalism industry is moving to the Internet. It's just as likely to get a job for a print publication as an online publication these days. And I'm willing to go either way when the times comes very soon.
I wanted to throw some art eye candy on my page,, my boy Isse Fresh. His use of colors strikes me and I like his technique. He's actually going to be having his own show at an art gallery here in Phoenix towards the middle of this year, so look for that in the future...

"Quiet Dog" - Mos Def


  1. AMAZING paints, your friend is so talented!

  2. I really like these. The Lauren is awesome and the Mos Def is cool!

  3. This Forshore gets an A+ in my book!