Monday, January 12, 2009

The Rise and Fall of a Latin Queen


The Rise and Fall of a Latin Queen
by Reymundo Sanchez, Sonia Rodriquez

This stuff right here is so real. It's the memoir of Lady Q, who was a huge influence as a Latin Queen, the obvious counter part of the Latin Kings. She was raised in Humboldt Park in Chicago, one of the coldest and gang filled Puerto Rican neighborhoods. Lady Q was a straight g, she took part in drive by shootings, and for females, it was regarded as quite the honor.
The thing that struck me is her story is told very matter of factly, she did not front on her reasons for anything she did or how she felt. She told her story to present it and help those girls recognize gang life isn't the shit its cracked up to be. It is told in third person, so it's not quite as candid as I would have liked, but a solid read. It's incredibly sad how she was treated as a child, and it is a main thing that shaped her desire to join the Latin Queens, because unlike her mother and sisters, the Queens were ride or die for their family.

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  1. I just finished that a little while ago. lol I liked My Bloody Life better but i suppose having a male supporting character left me biased. Cool post though