Monday, January 12, 2009

MTV &&their new new

Its Monday night and crucial for me to get on my tv game. Haha. I don't watch it often, but MTV has a grip of stuff that has just started.

The City-
**a spin-off of The Hills, with Whitney as the star making her way in the fashion world in NYC. This show, I'm so down for. Besides the fabulous clothes and the shoe game those girls are on is ridiculous, the show is more low-key. Still catches my interest though, just goes to show it doesn't have to be about drama in extreme cases.

Daddy's Little Girls-
**a spin-off of Runs House. Except it's about Vanessa and Angela, the oldest girls in LA and their start for their company Pastry. Those girls are helllllla goofy, like these are the sort of girls I'd kick it with.

and last but not least, Bromance.
**HAHA. Brody Jenner, you are a fooooooool. Tryin to even up the numbers of your circle? Gotta love this straight up ignorant shit. Bro, we gotta do this that and that together bro. Females can get catty and crazy when thrown in the mix, but this is a perfect example to show you dudes get like that too from time to time.
I stilllllll like Jenner though, and theres a few attractive, down to earth dudes on it.

Check the shows out on Monday nights to get your fill of some brain fluff. Or shit, maybe it'll inspire you? haha. start your own bromance? or hoe-mance?

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