Sunday, January 25, 2009

If I Were A Boy...

I'd wanna wear these clothes.

Introducing Bolivares...

Checkk it:

The founder and driving force behind Bolivares is Louis “Lucho” Bolivar. A Queens NY native of Bolivian lineage, Lucho was exposed to a myriad of life choices growing up – some positive and some negative – but even then, he fully immersed himself in his passion for style and fashion. Even at the age of 13, he was always known as that kid in school with the freshest gear. “If I wanted that cool Polo Bear sweater, I’d do whatever I needed to get it,” Lucho says of his early adventures in fashion. “Even if that meant missing some lunches to get my money up, that’s exactly what I’d do.”

BOLIVARES is the impressive result of the many years Lucho spent studying the interplay of fashion, urban culture and social aesthetics. The brand’s main aim is to revolutionize classic design, and this is done by incorporating fresh innovations, some subtle Latin influences and imaginative updates to existing fashion staples. Each Bolivares item (right down to the hangtag) is a testament to the absolute focus and energy Lucho pours into this brand. The end products of this creative, painstaking process are timeless classics completely resistant to fickle style trends.


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