Friday, January 9, 2009

Streetwear: The Insiders Guide

had to work earlier today, got an icee to jumpstart the day.
but i've been reading this book, someone near and dear lent it to me.

Maybe some of you have seen it, when it was featured on Hypebeast or else where. It was published back in '07, but it is a dope book nonetheless.

Streetwear: The Insiders Guide
by Steve Vogel

This book is legit not just because it covers the roots of how some of the biggest brands in streetware started, but it spotlights on magazines and web agencies as well that promote these brands.
Commonwealth, Dave's Quality Meats, Married to the Mob, Stussy, Kid Robot, Alife, JB Classics, and many more.

**this shit's cool right here, for those that already know whats up somewhat, it just expands on what you already know! its interesting to see what all the founders of the brands say. They're in agreement when streetwear becomes too mainstream, thats what will ruin it.

can be found at borders!

1 comment:

  1. I gotta get this book!
    Growing up around streetwear
    it became a dream to someday
    start my own line...but it's hard to
    be creative & fresh when everyone & they
    momma wants to be a deisgner all of a
    sudden. :[