Friday, January 9, 2009

the first

AYYYYYYYY blog world!

alright its about 330am, ive put enough together for the look of the blog, and i'm just gonna throw down this quick entry to begin with.
It seems fitting to me that a journalism major should have something like this, a blog. my words, at this point in my life, go through editors and other pairs of eyes and i don't always get to write as i choose. boundaries of being a student to the craft. but i'm cool with that.
so i'm gonna write very bluntly and free on here. i'll be writing just how I talk.
The blogs that I threw up that I happen to follow, I may not know the writer personally, but shit they got great things to say. &&thats why they're on my list, simple as that. plus they've inspired me in their own little ways and i respect their words and their steez.

I gotta report to the retail world at ten a.m., so I'm going to jump off.

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