Saturday, January 31, 2009


Barcelona, Spain. I want to travel so badly to this city. Besides the fact that it's beautiful and so full of history, it's just my kinda place. The architecture, the art, mannnnn. I believe that all people should want to explore another country outside the US due to the fact that there is so much else to see and experience. It would be ignorant to believe that nothing could be gained by traveling outside of the U.S., honestly.
p.s. More inspiration for this post may have spurred from me renting Vicky Cristina Barcelona. DAMNgood flick. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem had their roles on lock.

Friday, January 30, 2009


"Loyalty is more than wealth, in a world where niggas be all for self."-Cormega

**Try and Tell Me This Isn't Truth!**

Who has it any more these days, who has your loyalty and who doesn't. Keep your friends close, &&them enemies closer.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fierce Bitches.

Nina Sky- Natalie and Nicole, these 2 girls are hella fierce. Hah, I don't get the oppurtunity to use that word very often. They have a new track called 'On Some Bullshit', and these girls are on point. Their wardrobe definetly leaves me jealous, lol. They were recently featured in MissBehave Magazine and just modeled for MadeMe Clothing.


So here is some more recent flicks of my boy Sinek's work. I gotta give him love on here because his work is real.


lol mann,,
don't you hate that feeling of knowing you threw out too much information? i did a good job of weird-ing the shit outta myself ANDDD somebody else., or at least I'm under that impression. myyyy bad.
Man, its whatever. Can't change that! Hah.

I'm gonna stop talking cryptically now... more posts here in a few.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mami's with Cultural Ineptitude...

"Mami's with cultural ineptitude are bad for your health, so that's the type of mujer I put back on the shelf, and go back into the pack crowd for somebody else."

-ladies, let's not be inept about the things that are going around us. We gotta step outside our box and be aware. This is my favorite quote of all time.

Gregory Bojorquez

Gregory Bojorquez, his photography is top notch. It's gritty, rough, and less refined per say, but that part is intentional, you can tell by looking at his photographs.
If you live in the Cali, by all means, please go check out this exhibit thats opening this weekend.

His style and subject matter is alike to Estevan Oriol's, but very much different in the same sense. Technique separates them. Gregory is also related to a very influential guy, Chaz Bojorquez. Don't know who he is? Look him up or look for a post near you...

check out Gregory's site:


another Brox throw-up.'s a little grittier but still dope.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

If I Were A Boy...

I'd wanna wear these clothes.

Introducing Bolivares...

Checkk it:

The founder and driving force behind Bolivares is Louis “Lucho” Bolivar. A Queens NY native of Bolivian lineage, Lucho was exposed to a myriad of life choices growing up – some positive and some negative – but even then, he fully immersed himself in his passion for style and fashion. Even at the age of 13, he was always known as that kid in school with the freshest gear. “If I wanted that cool Polo Bear sweater, I’d do whatever I needed to get it,” Lucho says of his early adventures in fashion. “Even if that meant missing some lunches to get my money up, that’s exactly what I’d do.”

BOLIVARES is the impressive result of the many years Lucho spent studying the interplay of fashion, urban culture and social aesthetics. The brand’s main aim is to revolutionize classic design, and this is done by incorporating fresh innovations, some subtle Latin influences and imaginative updates to existing fashion staples. Each Bolivares item (right down to the hangtag) is a testament to the absolute focus and energy Lucho pours into this brand. The end products of this creative, painstaking process are timeless classics completely resistant to fickle style trends.



80sNight: GoHard or GoHome. At Great Skate.
We had to do it, I mean, who goes to these places and takes the shit seriously?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rehab for terrorists.

Alright, I was reading up on the last night for some homework, and I stumbled across an article that caught my eye.
A former Guantanamo Bay detainee, the said Ali al-Shihri, who was released back in November of 2007 to Saudi Arabia has emerged as a new deputy leader for the al Qaeda in Yemen. He is suspected to have been involved in the bombing of the United States Embassy in Yemen in September.
Now, in the article it mentions how he went through a rehabilitation program for jihadists before returning to Saudi Arabia. Theres a rehab for extreme terrorists that get caught?!?!? I did not know this. I'm not sure I know what to make of that. In this case, obviously it didn't work because al-Shihri has returned to his old ways bigger and better than before, with the al-Qaeda having released an online statement saying so.
I know criminals can go to jail, have their epiphanies, and never return to jail. It is possible for people's will to change. However, in my opinion, terrorists though???!? Mannnnnnnnnn. The other possibilities for an outcome with those about to be moved or released from Guantanamo Bay due to Obama's exec order is about to get sticky.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

schoolTip, isseFresh art, online industry

Today was my first legit day of classes, and man I gotta say it feels so good to be back in school and learning. Real talk. Had math, geologic disasters lecture and lab, and I soaked that shit up. hah. Don't be surprised if I start to get on my soapbox about how the human race is ruining the Earth or some ishhh.
I got a real good writing class going on tonight, Writing for Online Media. To me, this is about to be crucial because so much of the journalism industry is moving to the Internet. It's just as likely to get a job for a print publication as an online publication these days. And I'm willing to go either way when the times comes very soon.
I wanted to throw some art eye candy on my page,, my boy Isse Fresh. His use of colors strikes me and I like his technique. He's actually going to be having his own show at an art gallery here in Phoenix towards the middle of this year, so look for that in the future...

"Quiet Dog" - Mos Def

Monday, January 19, 2009

another article in the print!

Alright the weekend is finished, and I've got a tad more time to throw down a post.
Pretty cool, an article I freelanced for a local magazine just came to print this past week. Mainstream Magazine, it's a lifestyle magazine coming out of the more affulent area of Phoenix, aka Scottsdale. It's very Maxim-esque, or that's the vibe that Mainstream is shooting for.
Haha, but my article was about a very unlikely topic, the publisher asked me to write on the low gas prices and any ways to help your tank. So I did my research, interviewed some sources like AAA, the public relations man for Quiktrip, and gathered some stats.
In no way am I criticizing, hell I'm lucky to AGAIN have gotten an article into a SECOND magazine, I'm going at a decent rate I'd say. Shit just had me laughing, there were more photos and ads of hot girls then anything else. Maybe I should feel honored they even wanted me to write an article to put in it. I think there were a total of 6 articles in this 52 page publication? I threw some pics down, maybe you'll get what I mean when you see the cover of it. hahahaha.

Oh and let me introduce the ladies of the magazine, please,,,,hahaha.

Lovely, aren't they. Sorry for the glare on the photos, I don't own a decent camera yet. Read the full article here at

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Phx Talent

Now I GOTTA throw up my boy Sinek's work. He's versatile and can go from a canvas to a freight, but some of his dopest work that I've seen were his freights. Appreciate it.

Map of cartels

I take a special interest in hearing about the trafficking of drugs and where they go through because I am from a border town. You see the map below? See that tiny town called Douglas in the corner of AZ on the map? Thats where I'm from. Maybe that will give you an idea of the shit that occurs down there. My town and roots managed to make a map of drug trafficking points.

I was born and lived there for a few years, and was then moved up to Phoenix. I go back frequently to Douglas as often as my schedule allows. But this shit is alarming, I know people that have gotten caught and haven't gotten caught bringing stuff across. My tias, tios, cousins, little cousins, and some friends of mine live there. It's the crime across the border in Agua Prieta, also featured on that map, that brings Douglas down. I've had shit happen when I've been in AP, and have had trouble coming back across into AZ myself, but I'll save that for another post.

___An armored tank on one of Mexico's streets throughout the continuous problems caused by the cartels.____

Cocaine inflation and Mexico

Back at the begginning of December,
a story on the cover of Forbes caught my eye. It focused specifically on Mexico's economy and particuarly how the narcotraficantes have infiltrated all sorts of levels in the government in Mexico; as well as the turmoil that has increased ten fold because of these things.

The Next Disaster
by Jesse Bogan, Kerry A. Dolan, Christopher Helman and Nathan Vardi

I'm going to break down the points that caught my eye:

1) Nov. 4 a Lear jet crashed into an upper middle class neighborhood in Mexico City. "All eight passengers were killed--including Interior Minister Juan Camilo Mouriño, President Felipe Calderón's right-hand man, and José Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, a leading prosecutor against the powerful drug cartels; seven people on the ground died, too."
**One of President Calderon's interior cabinet members AND the leading prosecutor against some of the cartel's BOTH die. Any person with any sense would be able to understand that was no accident, despite what the reports said, that no explosives were involved. It was said the error lied in the pilots' handle of bad conditions. HMMMMMM.***

2) From the begginning of 2008 up until mid-November, when this story was written, there had been 4,300 plus deaths that were related to the drug carteles, compared to the 2,500 in 2007.
***That is INSANE! The numbers are increasing almost by half of what it was before.**

3)You think American companies are feeling the losses because of our recession, Mexico is ALSO feeling it. The factories along the US/Mexico border called maquiladoras, which make supplies and parts for big corporations such as Lear, Cisco, and Johnson & Johnson, have laid off 22,000 plus workers since August of 08. Eighty percent of Mexican exports come to the U.S., where people aren't spending.
***You know it's bad if the sweatshops in Mexico are laying off their workers that they don't pay for shit despite the labor they do that no white middle-class American would want to do. Because Mexican exports are heavily relied on the U.S. buying them, us not buying means even harder times for Mexicans than what we face. ****

4) Economically speaking, Mexicans are more prepared to weather the times to come than they were 14 years ago; back when the U.S. and other countries had to step in and help save the peso.
****In my opinion, it's sad to me that they are gonna be set better to deal with harder times because for most, that is all the Mexican people know. Interestingly enough, Mexico's federal deficit is also alot lower, 0.2% of their Gross Domestic Product, and their inflation is actually somewhat manageable***

5)The drug gangsters are on their technology tip. They've started using Facebook and Myspace to track down people.
***Arturo Rolland, a broker at Latin Credit Mortgage & Realty in San Diego, guesses that maybe 100 families a month are moving from Tijuana to the Chula Vista/San Diego area to seek safety. Some because gangsters "are using Facebook and MySpace to track people and their relatives," says a source at the Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos, an entrepreneurs group in San Antonio.***

6) President Calderon's assaults against the carteles has caused cocaine inflation. haha. suckss for the cokeheads.
***"The rising price of cocaine, recently $123 a gram on America's streets, up 27% since early 2007, notes Michael Braun, managing director at Spectre Group International in Alexandria, Va. and recently retired chief of operations at the DEA. Cocaine purity is down 16%."***

7) -90 % of cocaine imported into the U.S. comes through Mexico.
-$8 billion to $24 billion of cash generated by illicit U.S. drug sales is smuggled annually into Mexico from the U.S.
Sources: White House Office of National Drug Control Policy; Congressional Research Service; National Drug Intelligence Center; Stratfor

8) The mayor of Juarez` doesn't want no sketch ass police officers in his town. Juarez` is a town the lies close to the Texas/Mexico border. "Juárez's mayor fired 400 police officers for failing lie detectors and other tests to root out corruption and started to recruit federal troops to the force."
***Now THERE is how corruption or warning flags of corruption needs to be handled. Thats the one thing that always made me laugh about U.S. politicians and officials that get caught being naughty, to me, it always seemed like they received a slap on the wrist and that was it.***

Thinking of You

The movie for the new Katy Perry track. First things first, Katy Perry has crazy swagg. I admire her for that. And the fact that her songs have such a strong appeal to females and their feelings, she knows how to hit that mark just right.
So if you haven't heard this song, or watched it, tell me you haven't ever felt this way. Currently, this isn't an issue, haha, but I know I've felt like this before. and DAMN katy perry has 2 hot video men in this,,, mmmHMMM. ;)

Thinking Of You - Katy Perry

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LA talent

a little treat from LA's trainyards. I don't care what any of youuuuuu think,,, this is dope shit to me. up's to my boy Brox

defintion of the week

Savant: [sa-vahnt, sav-uhnt; Fr. sa-vahn], noun
A person of profound or extensive learning; learned scholar

I am a savant in the works, or I'd like to think so. hah. I'm hella into words, so anytime I come across a word I don't know, I automatically look it up.

want of the week: T


by Loud & Obnoxious at
**this is a hot T. particularly since I like the magazine Elle and read it.



me & joy found this at one of the trainyards....haha...that orange is ill isn't it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Do You Do....

When your quote-on-quote sanctuary doesn't provide you the peace of mind and privacy that is supposed to? I'm talking about your home. My home. Everyone's homes. I can't vouch for others, but my house is straight up crazy a lot of the time.
I am the oldest of five children, living in a 3 bedroom home with my family. I share a room, as well as a bed, with my sister London, and my youngest sister Willow on the top bunk (that's right, we are rollin with bunk beds in this household, haha).
I have never had my own room or own space of any kind for myself. If I want privacy, only place I get it is in the bathroom, taking showers or getting ready and what not! Haha.
But I'm startin to get a little stir crazy, real talk. The privacy, or the lack there of, I've dealt with that for a long time now. That's nada. It's not giving me the peace of mind that I'd like. Being in such close quarters has made me and my sibs pretty close, which I'm glad for. But if moms is on the war path, or I just need to freakkin dipset outta this crazy ass casa.
Recent events have made it so that my peace of mind is outta wack, and I haven't needed time for myself or places to go to think and chill out more than now.
I'm workin on building up a base of readers, ha, I know that'll come in time, but anybody that reads this, damn, if you got any suggestions, please shoot them my way! hah.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Rise and Fall of a Latin Queen


The Rise and Fall of a Latin Queen
by Reymundo Sanchez, Sonia Rodriquez

This stuff right here is so real. It's the memoir of Lady Q, who was a huge influence as a Latin Queen, the obvious counter part of the Latin Kings. She was raised in Humboldt Park in Chicago, one of the coldest and gang filled Puerto Rican neighborhoods. Lady Q was a straight g, she took part in drive by shootings, and for females, it was regarded as quite the honor.
The thing that struck me is her story is told very matter of factly, she did not front on her reasons for anything she did or how she felt. She told her story to present it and help those girls recognize gang life isn't the shit its cracked up to be. It is told in third person, so it's not quite as candid as I would have liked, but a solid read. It's incredibly sad how she was treated as a child, and it is a main thing that shaped her desire to join the Latin Queens, because unlike her mother and sisters, the Queens were ride or die for their family.

MTV &&their new new

Its Monday night and crucial for me to get on my tv game. Haha. I don't watch it often, but MTV has a grip of stuff that has just started.

The City-
**a spin-off of The Hills, with Whitney as the star making her way in the fashion world in NYC. This show, I'm so down for. Besides the fabulous clothes and the shoe game those girls are on is ridiculous, the show is more low-key. Still catches my interest though, just goes to show it doesn't have to be about drama in extreme cases.

Daddy's Little Girls-
**a spin-off of Runs House. Except it's about Vanessa and Angela, the oldest girls in LA and their start for their company Pastry. Those girls are helllllla goofy, like these are the sort of girls I'd kick it with.

and last but not least, Bromance.
**HAHA. Brody Jenner, you are a fooooooool. Tryin to even up the numbers of your circle? Gotta love this straight up ignorant shit. Bro, we gotta do this that and that together bro. Females can get catty and crazy when thrown in the mix, but this is a perfect example to show you dudes get like that too from time to time.
I stilllllll like Jenner though, and theres a few attractive, down to earth dudes on it.

Check the shows out on Monday nights to get your fill of some brain fluff. Or shit, maybe it'll inspire you? haha. start your own bromance? or hoe-mance?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Streetwear: The Insiders Guide

had to work earlier today, got an icee to jumpstart the day.
but i've been reading this book, someone near and dear lent it to me.

Maybe some of you have seen it, when it was featured on Hypebeast or else where. It was published back in '07, but it is a dope book nonetheless.

Streetwear: The Insiders Guide
by Steve Vogel

This book is legit not just because it covers the roots of how some of the biggest brands in streetware started, but it spotlights on magazines and web agencies as well that promote these brands.
Commonwealth, Dave's Quality Meats, Married to the Mob, Stussy, Kid Robot, Alife, JB Classics, and many more.

**this shit's cool right here, for those that already know whats up somewhat, it just expands on what you already know! its interesting to see what all the founders of the brands say. They're in agreement when streetwear becomes too mainstream, thats what will ruin it.

can be found at borders!

the first

AYYYYYYYY blog world!

alright its about 330am, ive put enough together for the look of the blog, and i'm just gonna throw down this quick entry to begin with.
It seems fitting to me that a journalism major should have something like this, a blog. my words, at this point in my life, go through editors and other pairs of eyes and i don't always get to write as i choose. boundaries of being a student to the craft. but i'm cool with that.
so i'm gonna write very bluntly and free on here. i'll be writing just how I talk.
The blogs that I threw up that I happen to follow, I may not know the writer personally, but shit they got great things to say. &&thats why they're on my list, simple as that. plus they've inspired me in their own little ways and i respect their words and their steez.

I gotta report to the retail world at ten a.m., so I'm going to jump off.